Visiting my little Cramoisy


After have traveled in most of the Europe to see friends, it turns that friends came to France to visit me (and my country). Today a small tour in my village to see where I lived for years.

Two months

Two months that I have left Vilnius and my friend. Two months since when we use skype to keep in touch. She decided to come in France with her cousin.

A long time during when we planed their visit in France. Because of the Lithuanian national holliday (6th July) they can both traveling.

I hosted them two nights and planed most of their days, but they managed a perfect list for their visit of Paris by their own. The long weekend saw our visit of France and Belgium! Eight cities in four days.

Pick up in Beauvais airport

I good think is that I live between Paris and Beauvais. It is for me really easy to reach their airports. So when Ryanair has opened a way from Vilnius to Beauvais, it became sure that my connection with Lithuania will become more interesting.

30 minutes of drinving, half with the rain. Stopped by policemen at the airport… A very good first impression for the girls who came from a warm Vilnius!

Visit of a typical village of Picardy

I am proud of my super small town. A formal village of Picardy built on the Therain’s Valley, a lot of small streets, old white stone house, church of Saint Martin dated from the XII century…

Lake of Saint Vaast les Mello

After have seen the upper town we went by walk to the lake of Saint Vaast les Mello, other village next to Cramoisy. Because we wanted to see Chantilly and its castle, decision to don’t make the tour of the lake was made.

Old factory « Parvillée »

Back in Cramoisy, I have shown them on the way to my house the old factory « Parvillée ». After a long time in a bad statement, the ruins turned into a beautiful residential place. Maybe a futur ghetto (a closed area) but it is really nice for the moment.

The central building is called Eiffel because of its glass roof made by this architect last century.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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