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To start my long visit of Paris I chose the third district, its one of the smallest of the 20 districts the city has. I am lucky because I spend my long weekend with a warm sun.

Monument to the third Republic

Monument to the third Republic

Brief history of the third disctrict

Important residential district of Paris on the right bank of the river Seine, it has resulting of the last division of Paris into different area in the year 1860, the third district is mainly based on the medieval part of the old district called Le Marais (while the name survived).

Le Marais was during the 12th century outside the Paris’s walls, centered on the fortified church erected by the Order of the Temple. Temple is the actual name of the third district but it almost never used, people preferring the historical name Le Marais which means « The Marsh » relating to the statement of the ground in the area at that time.

In 1605 after the King Henry IV design the Royal Square, the aristocracy built large mansions around. After when they move to the news districts Louvre and then Versailles, the district survived by being an industrious area devoted to clothes and jewelry.

Later, despite of the Haussman‘s city plans, the city conserved its old building, resulting many irregular width streets. Because of this industrial activity and of the non maintained of precious buildings, the district became in a poor statement. In 1969 the district became the first « protected area » of Paris. Amount of workshop hardly disappear, and new communities, especially gays, are now living there.

The tour

I don’t have so much things to tell. I decided to visit this district by walk with my new « Monumental Paris » map as only help. I didn’t imagine it will be so hard to find the monuments and street shown on the map.

I took the metro to Arts & Metiers metro station, probably the sexiest station of Paris. Then I continued till Republic station and start my tour outside. As many buildings in Paris, the Republic Square is under renovation, so it looks bad and it’s quite impossible to see the monument closer.

On the whole walking in streets was easy, I really like the Rue de Bretagne (Brittany street). The three churches have nothing special and the Red-Children market is a biological-food store.

Also I realized that despite being a very small district it’s very long to walk in.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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