Visit of Paris 16th


Today I went to the northern part of Paris by bike. I had something to do there and didn’t want to pay for the metro. I had to cross all Paris quickly, what I have done. Then I could took my time to join Chatillon, by passing in the western district of Paris.

Resistante France and Eiffel Tower

Resistante France and Eiffel Tower

Crossing Paris

From the south to the north

From Clichy I had the entire city to ride, that explains why all the photos aren’t only from the 16th district but also from the 7th and 8th. One this direction the sky was good, grey as always but without rain.. until Pigalle. There I could enjoyed being water-proof.

From the north to the south

After have manage with what I had to do I took my bike and went in direction of the Arc de Triomphe. On the north of it all the district is unknown for me.
Some churches, few statues .. That is definitively not the most interesting or beautiful part of the city. There are just two relevant things: the Trocadeo with Chaillot Palace, and the original copy of the Liberty Statue on the bridge of Grenelle. That’s it!

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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