Two princesses for one castle


After have been in Cramoisy I proposed to her to go to the most famous Castle of the region, located 20 minutes from where I lived. They know it because I use to talk about quite often, nothing else interesting around.

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Unplaned tour in Verneille

We drove under a small rain to Chantilly, despite of the 10 normal minutes it have took 25 because of the many cars on the road between 16h and 18h.

We walked slowly until have reach the street to the Castle.. But!It was close. We could saw the channel and park but cannot pass. That‘s why we needed to do a derivation by another city, making the complete tour of the Castle propriety…

Reach car park and walk a lot

To don‘t loose more time in the jam and take the risk to don‘t find any places in this city we stopped in the main avenue, for free, near the hippodrome. Near the car was two war memorial, one of the death people of Chantilly and another of the Marechal Joffre.

A 20 minutes walk along the horses race track and in the commercial street of the city after, we were front to the Grandes Ecuries of Chantilly. It is also a Living Horses Museum, very interesting by the way.

Photos session

Behind the Ecuries is the Castle with its channel. Romantic place, and unusually calm and quite: no cars on the road. The have walked until the gate. And because Castle was close we just watched ducks and big fishes and people feeding them with bread.

Castle of Chantilly

Castle of Chantilly

Europa square

We enjoyed the view and calm atmosphere sometime. According to the girls the Castle seems smaller than on photos. Probably. In Chantilly is a extra small tight square called… Place de l‘Europe. Some flowers and three benches (dirty due to the meteo).

Café or not café?

We all wanted to drink a coffee and/or eat Crême Chantilly, the speciality of the city. How incredible was to don‘t find in any restaurant this cream! Nowhere! Absolutely nowhere. That‘s mean the Castle is the only place where you can eat this delicious Crême Chantilly.

Without that dessert and because of the price of Crême Brulée (8euros) it was decided to go back to my home to have dinner.

Street in Chantilly

Street in Chantilly

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