Two guys in Flanders and Netherlands


A trip with my buddy to the Netherlands. 5 cities in 3 days and 1100 kilometres drove by car.

Two guys in Flanders and Netherlands

Two guys in Flanders and Netherlands

First stop in Amiens

I decided to meet my friend in Lille to go in the Netherlands together. The cheapest way to reach Lille was to stop in the capital of my region, it gave me the possibility to see the city I often heard about but never visited.

Second stop in Lille

Finally in Lille, capital of Flanders! After Paris it is the biggest city close to me and as Paris I was not interested in it. I regret to didn’t been before because I had to visit it with a warm coat during a hot day.

Third stop in Rotterdam

If at first my friend and me planed to stop for only an hour in Rotterdam for a coffee, it appeared that it was impossible. I am finally thankfull to parking story, I discover a beautiful design and modern city.

Fourth stop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam surprise me in many point. Despite some photos seen on internet I didn’t really know anything about the city. Legends became true: infinite amount of bike, tourists everywhere, coffe shop in the center and a amazing red light district when the night came! Sure it was a good experience.

Fifth stop in Brussels

Right after the Netherlands we focused on Belgium. Instead of Anvers, Bruges and Brussels ; we had time just for one, we chose the capital where we have spent almost two days, more than during my first attempt.

Sixth and seventh in Lille and Amiens

I had time to visit them again because of my train 😉

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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