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When I left Vilnius the last time I was sure to come again. My car and my friend were still there. I almost plan a 2500km trip to France from there. Being motorized I chose to visit a place I never been and which is only 26km from the Lithuanian capital: the European Midpoint.

Informations about the midpoint of Europe

In Europe are several place said as to be the geographical center of Europe. But because of the continent’s expension (borders) or of the calculations methodes of the center, it could be located in many different places.

The most famous are in Bernotai (Lithuania), in Tallya (Hungary), in Saaremaa (Estonia) or in Vitebsk (Belarus).

The french National Geographical Institute (IGN) have calculated in 1989 the location of the center: at 26km on the north of Vilnius, near the village of Purnuskes.

Official European Center coordinate
54°54’N 25°19’E
On the place was first a stonework, which was exchange in 1991 after that a 9 tons stone was found in the field near Bernotai and a metal slab fixed on it. Later in 2004 when Lithuania integrated the European Union a huge granit column were stand few meters away from the previous stone.

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This trips is among four other destinations I made during a long travel. I stop also in VilniusWarsaw,Berlin and the beautiful Marburg.

One column and that’s it

Because the center is a poor tourists attraction (but nice) with nothing else than the monument, we have made some photos and talk around the granite column. The way back to Vilnius was more easy then 🙂

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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