Surprise ligths festival in Riga


After being in the nothern part of the Baltic we went to the Latvian capital for one day. It was crazy to be there and attend to the Staro Riga! The light show transform the city into an live art place! After the Go Blonde festival, Riga surprised me again! Don’t need to explain more why I like this town!

Staro Riga 2011

Staro Riga 2011

The trip

I was in the city for one day, it let me enought time to manage between my new job of familial guide, visiting alone and met my friend.

Guide for my parents

After had gone to our hotel (Green Apple Hotel, in the Riga Hotel building, cheap and decorations in pur soviet style), the afternoon was dedicated to my parents, in other words I show them the most importants places like the Dom Square, Liberty Square, Town Hall Square, my precious Saint Peter’s church, and the sweedish gate. Because the winter is coming, days are shorter than ever and reveal another face of the city, the night-life. And what a night life we had! The Staro Riga festival and its multitude of live show in all the city has attracted a lot of people, the city was crawded. I never saw it before.

Staro Riga

In effect some light shows were particulary interesting: On the Dom Cathedral, which still was renovating, they use multiple color spots which draw differents drawing pattern on its tower (eg: Latvian flag). The Dom place was full, with a projection of animation on a wall which make the illusion to deform and transform its shape. Really impressive! Videos were projected on the Arsenal, it seems to tell the Latvian history (from WWII) but, because they didn’t use english subtitles I cannot be sure about what it was. Furthermore, behind the National Opera, a children area was put. I remember one game was to send a ball in a basket, if ball goes into, a funtain was illuminated!

Permission to enjoy my night

During the night after my parents left I go out and meet my estonian friend. She came with the same bus as us from Tallinn. We were most of the time walking searching some good pubs untill we find the Kiwi Bar. Obviously one of the best pub in the city. Oh, I gorgot to tell that on the way to pub we met Elvis, or maybe he was just a latvian copy. Guy was performing in a unknow pub and accept to make picture with us.

Sunday morning, we made a tour to the market and saw the Academic Science building. It was a light schedules. Even if I was super tired I enjoy every hours by discovering new thing!


Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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