Sun and Lake Major


Beside Milano I visited another Italian city, I had the chance to stay in a resort village at the border of Lake Major and the Alps mountains.

Perfect view on the lake

We were staying a three stars hotel in Stresa, it have been very difficult to find it the first night I came from Milano around 2am but I was helped by a police man. I didn’t see the city at that moment but the morning after I was so happy by the view provided! It was hot and sunny, the sky was incredibly bright and blue. It was a good point to raise my mood after the past month in a grey and cold Estonia.

The city itself seems very rich despite being very small. A lot of high ranking hotel are on the border of the lake and from their windows the view may be awesome. It was not the case of mine, but from my room I was able to see the mountains picks when it was not rainy: the first and last days spent in hotel.

Boats on the Lake Major

Boats on the Lake Major

I have not really visited the town, nothing special to see according to the hotel and after walking in some streets, I can only confirm it. The most beautiful thing is probably the Isola Bella, a little island occupied by a nice Palace, unfortunately I couldn’t visit it.

Verbania in a rainy night

With my car I crossed many towns by the lake when I was driving between Stresa and Milano, and the only city I walked in was Verbania, the largest on the lake (not considering Galarate). We went there with two of my classmate for lunch, knowing that Stresa is a bit expensive and hasn’t many places.

We looked around and saw the Dom Saint Giuseppe and the Parrocchia Saint Leonardo. Main monument seems to be a heavy looking War Memorial. When we found our restaurant, advised by a local, we enjoyed really tasty pizzas. Italians sure know how to make them!

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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