Sad to leave again…


After a too short week in Vilnius, I am going to leave – unfortunately – Lithuania for Estonia. Special day for me, and also for the city which organized the Vilnius City Fiesta.

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Preparing my last day in Lithuania

If at first I didn’t wanted to plan my journey, I find some place to go for the last days here. Actually I had three unknown destinations: Lentvaris Palace, Verkiai Palace and Belmontas. I understood that I would have problems to see all because they are far away from each others…

I have started the day by arranging a trip at home, borrowing a 7-years-old map of Vilnius. Not up to date, but enough accurate for me.

I wished to go from Pasilaiciu to Verkiai but no. I had to deal with the new card system for the Vilnius transport. I have bought a special card on which you can add money, and use once in the bus instead of tickets. Would have been perfect if it have worked properly. After 2 days it was impossible to buy credit in any kiosks. I could only buy expensive tickets from the driver.

So I search also for money, I needed coin for tickets on board. This made me go to the city center, and loose 1 hour or more.

Verkiai Palace

On the north of Vilnius are districts I never visited because I though they were something like a typical soviet buildings area. Basically it is true, but not only. Among the largest districts of the city, Verkiai has a green side. By going there you can leave the city for the forest while staying in Vilnius!

Near the Neris river, Verkiai offers a park (Verkiai Regional Park) and a nice palace to visit. The park dates from 1992 to protect this natural area and Verkiai Palace.

I came there by bus, not really easy because buses are not running often, and the first time I have tried to visit it two days ago, I mixed up bus and trolley and ended in a different part of the city. Like a noob.

Verkiai Palace in Vilnius

Verkiai Palace in Vilnius

Once arrived at Verkiu Rumai bus stop you’ll need to walk a bit to see the Palace, it’s not really impressive, but simple and quite. For walking and breathing fresh air it is perfect!


From the park I took some hazardous footpath downhill of the Verkiai Palace park. It lead down the hill next to the river, on a road without anything to do. Only a pub/restaurant stands there. I would have not pay attention to it if there was not a waterfall surrounding it.

I came back to the palace by taking a small road going the forest. The fresh air and smell was just welcome for me!

Vilnius Kalvarijų Market market

On the way back I stopped before the modern center. As it became the topic of my day I should check as much places I never been. The Kalvarijų Market is one of them.

Not especially important, it seems typical even from the outside. After having seduce by the Riga‘s central market, I have some idea of what could be an eastern market atmosphere. Despite the size they are closely similar: natural food, homeless, Russian products, Russian speaking, cheap everything and soviet relics.

Market in Vilnius

Market in Vilnius

Unfortunalty have to pack and leave

I knew that it will be a short period in LT, and I really enjoyed it. I was sad to leave my friend again, because if from Tallinn we will have more chance to meet than from France, it won’t be as easy as if I were in Lithuania.

Like in spring, the last moment are spent naturally, until the last hour when you realized you will get separated again. So true, so unfair.

Family led me to the coach station at Panorama center. They waited with me, and when I jump in the bus I concentrated on my arrival in Estonia. But I mostly remembered all the good time I had in Vilnius and thinking how/when I could come back ‘home’ again.

Gedimino Avenue during the Capital Days

Gedimino Avenue during the Capital Days

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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