Royal city of Versailles


My last destination with my two Lithuanian friends. I left work earlier to go with them in Versailles by car beofre Palace closed and traffic jam appears. A new place I must have seen before.

Statue of Louis Lazare Hoche

Statue of Louis Lazare Hoche

A free entrance

As most of the Parisian monument the Palace can be visited or free if you are under 26yo and UE citizen. This is a very good point I never used before but that I am sure to enjoy soon…

Versailles and car park

The bad point of the city is the lack of parking places near the Palace. Not that there is no places, just not enough for all thetourist who want to see this wonderful place.
I can parked 2 min by walk from the castle for 2 euros the hour. On the Hoche square. We only paid one hour, it‘s free after 19h.

Beautiful outside

My first impression with the Palace was „wao“. It is just super nice, gold everywhere, large courtyard, impressive classic buildings, this city was really the previous capital of France.

But crowed inside

We had to pass an airport-like procedure o get insde the Palace. A bit strange forme who has never seen such security in any other country.

Inside you have only one direction to go, follow the tourists.

The Park and Gardens of Versailles

The park and the gardens seem to be the same thing. We could entered in the park before 18h30 because a light-music show was going in the garden.

But to understand that, we had to fight with the guard at the entrance of the park. Not clear for us.

I walk in the park, a lot of way, some particular areas (Orangerie, channel) but I saw that most of the time you are not well place to admire the beauty of the park. High wall of trees everywhere.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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