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Bruges is the second largest city of Belgium. We had a walking tour in this city which has kept its medieval atmosphere to see if its nickname of ‘north Venice’ is justified or not.

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Venice of the north

Before going to Bruges I got some information from my cousin. Bruges is in Belgium. That almost all I learnt 😀

Then I search on internet if there are others things that chocolate, it came that the city is really of and has kept its medieval architecture. Bruges has some canals, not like Amsterdam, but more than Amiens. It means they have a lot of bridges and boat tours is an important busisness. If I have to choose, the term « Venice of the north » fit better with the Netherlands capital than with this Belgian city.

Canal in Bruges

Canal in Bruges

City tour with horse

We didn’t, but it is something tourists, and especially couples, must try here. In the center are no cars, only pedestrians and caleches. If at first it’s funny and nice, it could be sometime annoying when you have three of them who want to pass in a tiny street at the same time. Guys are not soft when they ask you to go away. On the whole it is something memorable. Not so much cities propose this service, I can only remember  Krakow in Poland.

Horses in Bruges

Horses in Bruges

Nice old town despite of the rain

Bruges is a very typical city. Everything in the Old Town is old. It has been nicely protected from wars and buildings are in a perfect statement. You see that architecure have seen passed centuries and I love that!

A city for tourists…

The city is not like Brussels, it is really beautiful and romantic, there are many people in the streets but, it’s too clean and you don’t see any locals. The city is car-free, expect horse cab you won’t meet any vehicles in the center. That’s a good point 🙂

Town Hall square

Town Hall square

We’ve been in many places. We started by visiting the Our Lady’s church and the district behind it. A medieval-like place along channels, with bridges on which we have made nice photos. A good place is (that could be obvious) the market square. There are the Town Hall, the fabulous Belfry and the statue of Jan Breydel.

Which is quite expensive…

Like Belgium, everything seems expensive, comparing to the north of France you can pay in Bruges 2-4 more euros for the same meal, which is too much.

Belgian Beers or Belgian chocolate?

Don’t ask me why but we didn’t drink beers. Even didn’t eat chocolate. But at least I searched for it. I wanted to bring some special chocolate to my family, and I had some difficulties to find it.

First attempt in a Chocolaterie, the lady didn’t speak French (that’s normal, even if strange) and was kind of … cold and unfriendly despite I talk in English with her. So yeah, let’s go somewhere else. Second shop, another lady who was speaking both French and English, givving us advice in the two languages at the same time for me and my Lithuanian friends! She was really nice and situation got funny. We all decided to buy some chocolate.

I like cholocolate Belgium

I like cholocolate Belgium

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, in the city are not cash machine, and because not every shop accept credit card, it could be a problem. I asked the chocolate lady for one machine and I had many difficulties to find it in the street …

Last photos and time to go by the sea

After have took cash and bought some souvenirs we went a last time on the market square where I made my typical photo with the smiley ball. We walk on a commercial street (Hoogstraat) from the « burg » where cash machine were.

Then we had nothing special to do and we decide to drive to Ostend and see the beach and breath some fresh air!

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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  1. Bruges a small city? I don't beleive your friend went there 😀 It's not super big but still important with many square and parks.Even bigger than Tallinn for the old town.