Riga in spring


Opening 2015 travel list, Rīga was trying to be nice to me. warm weather, sunny, not having many tourists, everything was good for a first touristic experience abroad since I broken my foot.

I found a possibility to go to Latvia with two Polish girls. They didn’t know the city but me yes and I offer them to join me for a day. From Tallinn we got the first bus and then from Riga the last. I discovered that drivers can speed up to arrive to Tallinn 40min ahead the schedule.

Amazing breakfast

The girls have planed everything. They got a long list of wishes and places they wanted to go. For the first time I wasn’t the lead. Only the guide, helping them not to get lost and save time between the things they wanted to see. It felt a little bit weird but I knew nearly 95% of what they wrote down.

The first place we stopped was the Yolo bar/café. They wanted to have breakfast there, but from my experience it was a random pub in which I had once a party. It appeared I was wrong. I had a luxury breakfast for only 10 euros: one cappuccino and unlimited food! Amazing.

The Three Brothers

The Three Brothers

Why is Riga nice to visit

After this gargantuan meal, and even if I could barely walk, we began our tour if the Latvian capital. Firstly we focused on the Old Town district – Vecriga – and have been to the cathedral square plus the Daugava river. Also the Saint Peter church and town hall square.

Later we went to the park along the smaller river diving the city in two: the Old Town and the new centre. From there we got to two of my favourite places. Starting with the orthodox cathedral and finishing with the Art Nouveau district. The girls enjoyed it a lot! Something they wanted absolutely to see before the closing was the market, it remains as in my souvenirs: crowed, big, smelling all thing you could imagine! 🙂

Paid activities

Before going to the coach station we chose to experiement new things. I brought the girls to the best panorama place of Riga, which is in the Saint Peter’s church tower. It was late afternoon and all Riga was becoming warmer, red and orange colours flirting with roofs and buildings.

The Cathedral and the old town square

The Cathedral and the old town square

Then we have tried the 5D cinema experience. For 7 euros we have had two short movies. With the first one we have flew over Riga and learn some interesting facts, and the second has made us shake and scream, simulating a insane roller coaster!

After and to conclude this busy day we had dinner at Lido near the cathedral square, eating slowly but keeping an eye on the time.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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