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Going to France to show my lovely country to my Estonian friend Laura, I planed a itinerary that would let me allow to see a little of Poland. Especially one city I never been and about which I was told many good things!

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A short stop in Wilno

Our journey consisted in three stops, the first being in Vilnius, the pretty capital of Lithuania and former part of Poland (though it remain Lithuanian city). I wanted to show some of the streets I like in there within the hour we had between buses. She didn’t like it as much as I do 🙁

Warsaw, the big and beautiful Polish capital

Warsaw is one of these cities that whenever I go, however I do and with whoever I am, I sure have a good time. That days didn’t differ from this standard.

From couch surfing to hotel

Few days before departure we have find a girl to host us for the night, Marta, who was willing to meet with us to explore the town and who had a nicely located flat in the old town of Warsaw.

Arriving in the morning we could have a coffee at the railway station and left our bags in the automatic luggage boxes, that was something new here for me, usually I leave mine to the  baggage office. We walked to the old town and visited the main interests such the Royal Square, the old market square and the the tower from which we can have impressive view on the centre. It was windy up there and cloudy …

Castle square

Castle square

On the royal road we found a small restaurant to have lunch. We continued to the Palace of Culture and Sciences and then to railway station to get our luggage back.

Due to the tiredness, we couldn’t wait until the evening to get a good sleep, then we chose to book a hotel for the night, most being full, we could only find one in Praha district.
The hotel was situated nearby the rainbow building and the living band statues.

After a shower I let my friend going to sleep and went to the old town for meet Nastya my former Erasmus friend living now in Poland and at the same time Marta, the couch surfer. It was late and we were hungry, Marta proposed to go to a typical Polish restaurant outside the old town. The food was there tasty and beer cheap.

Romantic Łazienki

After have recover from a 18 hours journey, both Laura and me were ready to enjoy Poland. A bus brought us to the southern part of Warsaw where we enjoyed a cute park, hunting squirrels and trying to see Peacocks!

Squirel in a park

Squirrel in a Lazienki park

I love such places, a green lung close the the city centre, perfect to chill an afternoon or run far from the traffic.

Bus to Gdansk and tram to guest house

In Gdansk I found a very nice guest house a little outside of the old town, city is small enough so it was not a problem for us. To reach the city we used a bus that left from the Warsaw coach station. I have nevre thought of it before, but that is not in the city centre. It is necesary to take a bus from the railway station! Be careful that the quality standard of coach station is far lower than train station. It seems to be a random bus station from the Polish countryside… No wifi, timetables outdated, non-english personal. Yet the bus came on time, and conducted us to Gdansk.

Hidden timetalble to Gdansk

Hidden timetalble to Gdansk

Arriving at night we have been lucky to catch the last tranmway for the guest house! It was one thing I didn’t consider enough seriously.

Visit of Gdansk under the rain

Gdansk was looking okay with the rain, but it was not as charming as I expected. We arrived near the Upland gate and seen an old LOT building – heavily rusted – that was used as a club!

Main street of Gdansk

Main street of Gdansk

Not far was also the Golden gate which is far nicer! From there starts the main street and market place. That day we had a Polish cuisine event, it smelt nicely but I suspect that people get under the tent to avoid the constant rain.

Polish cooks in action

Polish cooks in action

We continued by the gorgeous city hall and its statue of Neptune to the first channel of the city. The iconic sail boat stood proudly and the medieval port crane was keeping an eye on it. We entered the Oliwa cathedral and I saw the exact same icon of the Virgin Mary as in Vilnius chapel.

Zywiec beer

Zywiec beer

Going a little to the north we passed several noticeable building, such the house of Arthur Schopenhauer, the church of Saint Catherine or the tower of Hyacinth. We had lunch in a shopping mall, getting tasty american food.

Later on in a park we sat to drink near some pigeonsm aftre having bought special beers (Zywiec <3) in a kiosk.


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