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My first stop after 8 hours of driving. I didn’t walk a lot because I was only interested by the strategic street of the city and its restaurants and bars. A dinner, a white russian and a good night in my too hot hotel room.

Informations about Warsaw

I have been several time in the city, so go here to find information 😉

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This trips is among four other destinations I made during a long travel. I stop also in the Center of EuropeVilniusBerlin and the beautiful Marburg.

The short trip

On the roads of Lithuania and Poland

I will remember my first day on the road. I have set my GPS to Warsaw, but it doesn’t really know the political boundaries and the different policies about border crossing. Actually after having left my friend’s home and bought 4 liters of water in Maxima shop, I had a 4 hours driving on the sublime Lithuanian countryside. Landscapes are amazing: green forest, many lake bordering the road, absolutely no clouds in the sky … And not air conditioner in my car. Under 35°C it was difficult to breath.

Everything would have been perfect if I have paid more attention on the GPS directions, because the shortest way from Vilnius to Warsaw implies to pass by the Belarus! And because I am not a Polish neither a Russian, I have no authorization to say hello the Belarus people!

Do you see where I go? I cannot pass by the country but I already drove 4 hours in its direction – and not on highway which should have made me think about my stupidness – so I had to change direction. If I remember I was near the border: 25km or something like that.

I have been more carefully the first time on the way to Vilnius…

No matter because I also forgot the time zone change between Lithuania and Poland. My GPS saying me the destination arrival time while my car shown me time of Vilnius. It means I had to add one hour.

Arriving in Warsaw

I came in Warsaw quite early, regarding all my problems. I find the hotel quite easily: near the Old Town, in the lowest Warsaw. No it was too easy if I forget to say that the parking was not easy to access when you don’t know where to go! Because if you miss the correct street – and I missed it two times – you’ll have to turn around a lot, district having many single way streets.

When I found the parking I check for price and it was free for the day. The parking is right next to the hotel.

I enter in the hotel, ask for my keys, fill a document for them, listen a guy asking for a room but he didn’t reserve, there was no room left, sorry for him. Once key in my hand I could go in my room to take cold shower (8 hours in my car, 35°C, no air conditioner…)

I use the free Wifi to send some message on Facebook to my locals friends, I couldn’t use my phone because I finished all my Polish credit the last time in Rotterdam! Pity. They can called me but didn’t know exactly when I came.

Two friends but no credit

I left the hotel to the city, looking for kiosk or whatever else where phone credit are sold. Naturally the only place I found to buy it was an alcohol shop with its nice polish girl who doesn’t speak English. I bought my twenty zloty, enough for my day and even more (I already keep Polish credit more than 3 months!).

Some messages and calls later my night got drawn: meeting on the Castle Square and dinner in the restaurant I liked the last time with my Erasmus friends! I just had to wait a bit for girls be ready. During this time I chilled there remembering my last time in Warsaw: not so long ago but totally different. Today are so many people here! Musicians and performers, drawers and photographers, you see summer is already over Poland.

Dinner in restaurant

At 21:00 we were all in the restaurant, having a long conversation. We all had news and future plans we wanted to share, some were planning to stay longer in Warsaw, others looking for other country to live, it was a really nice moment. Hard to think that one year ago we lived all together in Tallinn.

I was tired, but not only me, we decided to left and to separate outside the restaurant. The French part of the group was going to the New Old Town, and Nastya and I were going to the closest bus station. A last walk with the girl who enjoyed discovering the little Baltic city with me.

The night was really really warm, almost 23:00 and still with Tshirt. I decided to stay a bit longer, watching people going and staying outside in pub. I did the same, ordering a White Russian. The glass wasn’t large but I drank it slowly. I took my time and rest a bit, thinking about my next day drive and about my possible stop in Lodz.

My only wish then was to see Warsaw this summer before my friends will leave the city. I don’t want to miss a July or august there!

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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