One Korean and three Castles of Picardy


Second Erasmus friend coming to France and to Paris, and again a Korean trying to discover the reality of the French life. But instead of going to Paris I proposed him to come to my region to visit our three (not world yet) famous castles!

Castle of Pierrefonds

Fortified castle of Pierrefonds

Improvised walk in Creil

A Korean guy using his left free time in Europe to travel a lot in a month, visiting by bus several countries is indeed quite hard to join. We have talked some days ago about doing something in France together.

He didn’t use phone during his long trip (ohh you crazy) and Facebook cannot be find everywhere. I somehow contacted him and gave all instruction to come to my city from Paris, but because he missed his first train and I have promised to wait for the second, I had one hour bonus time to spend around the train station of Creil.

For those who have never heard about Creil it is one of the main town in Oise and Picardy, also the closest to Paris because located in the south of the region. There are plenty of train connection (about one train every half hour). The most interesting fact I have found about Creil is its former Medieval castle, that I must said, was really impresive. Unlikely it has been destroy centuries ago and remains nowadays few part of its fortifications.

Compiègne, its caslte and garden

The first destination after Jincheol arrived was Compiègne, I wanted to show him the Imperial castle first because it is the farthest one. We have had a tour in the city and in the Palace’s garden and park which are very relaxing and has no entrance fees.

Je yray voir mes bons amys de Compiengne

« Je yray voir mes bons amys de Compiengne » –  Jeanne d’Arc

The rest of the city will need more time for me to be discovered. We saw the church of Saint Jacques located near the town hall little square. The city hall looks nice and on the square stands a statue of Jeanne d’Arc, her statue is on a stone on which is written a  quote that is given to her.

My Korean budy may have stayed in France for five days already he didn’t tried our specialities! Croissant and Pain au Chocolat! I found a bakery, ordered some viennoiseries  and even got free food! We ate them on the way… too fast!

Medieval castle of Pierrefonds

Among the three must seen castles was one I never visited. If I knew about it for years I didn’t see the point to go there alone, in a little city near Compiègne. So when I decided to be a guide for Jincheol I add it on my list. Good decision I had, the important castle is pretty awesome and can be seen from the lower town. Its magnificence made me fall in love with it.

Castle of Pierrefonds

Castle of Pierrefonds from the main square

The building now host a cultural center and museum, I will go there soon to see it from inside!

Fast stop at the Chantilly charming castle

Time flies and we had to be sure to not miss his last train. I drove back in direction to Creil to get Chantilly and its cute castle. Our third and last one for the tour of south Picardy. We didn’t had so much time left and the sun was going down, then we had a short walk arround it, seeing the castle, the pound and the Grandes Ecuries as well.

Hunting sculpture in Chantilly

Hunting sculpture in Chantilly

My friend has bought its return ticket in Paris, and I wasnt aware of one thing: this last train was going from Creil to Paris without stop in Chantilly, it was a little surprise and momment of stress when I realised it at the station. I pushed him into the car and drove to Creil to get that train, surpringly we were not late and had time for greetings and a photos on the platform station.

If you read me, take care my friend!

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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