One day in rainy Vienna


Vienna is for me one of the most beautifull city in Europe. The city seems even bigger when you get lost in its suburbs. I didn’t plan our way from Linz to our hostel, thinking it wouldn’t be so difficult to find the hotel street. What an error…

Information about Vienna

Everybod knows Vienna. At least the city name. But then, what else? I can tell it was the headquarter of the powerfull Austrian Empire and it’s the capital of Austria.

Actually Vienna’s history can be traced back to Roman times when it was a former military settlement (know as Vindobona). When the Romans empire broke, a city started to grow under the reign of Babenberger where the camp was. Then, in 1492 the Habsburger’s Holly Roman Empire appears and the development of the city got faster to to Vienna of nowadays.

Vienna is not only the political, but also the cultural capital of Austria. The city offers a wide variety of theatre, music, art and cinemas and its cultural tradition of high art is well known worldwide.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven were residents. And the musician traduction is still alive with an incredible Philharmonic Orchestra in the city.

The trip

After the two hours on the highway we lost one more in the traffic jam. We had a map with us, but small, without all names, and of a bad quality. Imagine how I felt when I had to decide where to go according to this map, knowing we even cannot tell in which street we are.. The Old Town of Vienna, despite being quite small, gave us many problem too. Driving to the south instead hotel was on the north. We realised one district was called with the special name Brigittenau, or to be more clear, haridressers and flowers shops use this word for naming rheir branch. We understood we finally be in the correct district and manage to find our hostel, on the way to Prague.

I found our hostel on hihostel website, I was satisfated with the Friendly Fun Franks that my friend Andras booked for or trip in Riga. The building of Brigittenau is really big with undred of rooms. The receptionist wasn’t super friendly, butshe did her job and gave us keys and advice on how to go to the city center.

Our subway stop was at Karlplatz station where the church of Saint Charkes. We had a walk arround, discovering the nice edifice and the large fountain in front of it. It was rainny but pigeons really enjoy being in.

We continue our walk and find the avenue and Scharzenbergplat square. After the victory against germany and to celebrate the liberation of Vienna by the soviet army, a large monument was built called « Soviet War Memorial of Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee« .

With this Soviet Memorial another element is on the square, a artist that I don’t remember his name design a large anarchic sculpture emiting random noisy sound.

We left the square and rapidly join the main commercial avenue. Called Kärntner Strasse it is the 12th world most expensive avenue. I am sure that by shinny day it could be awesome to walk there because despite the rain we find it beautiful. As on every big avenue most of the main brand have their shop here. We didn’t stop, not relevant and no time. We left the avenue to see the Providentia or Donner fountain. Our street cross again the avenue at Stephansplatz square where the Saint Stephan Cathedral is located. Some ruins are saving and people still throw coins, phones, cameras. Ok, maybe they just loose cellphone and camera. I hope touriste aren’t so generous or stupid.

We finish our day by meeting the Austrian Parliarment and also an old church, the Saitn Stephan Cathedral. Under renovation austrians have accepted to hide it with a very large advert panel. Ugly ugly ugly…

We took the last subway and then the last tram.. which – guess what – stoped much sooner than our stop. Conductor told us in german and then in english to leave the tram. We still didn’t have map, but we all have a good visual memory and a perfect orientation sens. – yes, we follow the tram line :p In the hotel after midnight we had a short night before a long road.

We leave in three different city, mine being the farerst. I had a never ending day: Vienna->Linz->Baden Baden->Chaumont->Paris->Creil->my home town. By car and by trains, more than 20 hours on the way. And you know what? I wasn’t nervous, just happy to have travelled with friends to meet others long distance friends. Erasmus spirit never die!

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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