Long christmas in central Europe


My hardest trip ever: 9 cities in 5 countries in 11 days. Without counting the plane to Katowice, I was travelling 2650 kilometres by trains and bus.

Long Christmas in central Europe

Long Christmas in central Europe

Coming back to Paris

I have met an old friend from University who live now in the capital for a year. He didn’t visit the city and stayed two more days there before going back to the south. It was the only day we could have met, the day after my arrival in France.


First stop in Katowice

Merry Christmas! My time in France has passed and I have to start travelling again. Longer, better, harder you think? Once again I stoped in Poland between motherland and my lovely baltic region.


Second stop in Považská Bystrica

My friend proposed me to join her for lunch in her apartment in a city located at only thirty kilometres from Žilina.


Third stop in Žilina

I have never been to Slovakia and I was waiting for it a lot. Then when I had an occasion to visit the country, to see my good friend and for a so special evenment, I couldn’t be unhappy!


Fourth stop in Bratislava

Slovakia was the main reason for an enormous trip in Central Europe, the pretty capital seduced me even more than I could have imagine! I feel that I need to visit it for longer soon.


Fifth stop in Linz

If you think that the logical way to go to Tallinn from Bratislava would be to the East you don’t know me. I wanted to take a long train and spend less than a day in Linz just to meet another friend that I haven’t seen for more than a year, already in Austria.


Sixth stop in Vienna

I didn’t plan to visit Vienna but as my friend noticed it, I had one day totally free! It was the good opportunity to see the city again before going to Poland. Unfortunatly the weather was – again – not perfect.


Seventh in Krakow

A destination of experiences, night train and couch surfing were for me the two interesting things I wanted to try. Between these two key moments I find time to  enjoy the city and to make a new friend!


Eighth stop in Warsaw

Last foreign city I visited during my trip and what a city! The Polish capital prepared me some surprises that I really didn’t expected. I was very tired but I had a lot of thing to see there!


Finally arrived in Vilnius

You should now that Vilnius is almost my second city (the first being Tallinn, indeed) so I can sometimes go there without having the need to visit it deeply.


Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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