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Finally in Lille, capital of Flandres! After Paris it is the biggest city close to me and as Paris I was not interested in it. I regret to didn’t been before because I had to visit it with a warm coat during a hot day.

Column of the Goddesse of Théophile Bra

Column of the Goddesse of Théophile Bra

Informations about Lille

The northern capital of France, Lille has a strong personnality. The fourth-largest metropolitan area has a huge history. Called the French Flanders capital, Lille has a record: it’s the city which was the most besiege of France.

During the time the city was Flemish, Spanish or Burgundian. In 1940 the city is overtake by Nazi and is attached to Brussels while the rest of France follow the Vichy government. This separation is also visible by the fact that the area was considered as a « forbidden area ». British gave freedom in september 1944.

Commercial before, it is now a dynamic industrial pole and represents now a remarquable place in the European commerce between United Kingdom, Benelux and France.

Among the famous personality I can tell the General Charles de GaulleLouis Pasteur and Albert Samain.

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This trips is among four other destinations I made during a long travel. I stop also in AmiensRotterdam,Amsterdam and Brussels.

The day trip

Not enought time now, come back later 🙂

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Guillaume Speurt

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