Lentvaris Palace and Park


Before the Uzutrakis Palace in Trakai is the Tyszkiewicz Palace. One of the famous Palace arround Vilnius where I never been before. So today I took time to visit it with my dear friend.

Tyszkiewicz family palace in Lentvaris

Tyszkiewicz family palace in Lentvaris


Take the train

After a short morning of walk in the Old Town of Vilnius I met my friend and we went to the central station. The route to Lentvaris is the same as to Trakai, few stop before the famous castle.

Tickets are very cheap, if you are students like us it cost 1,5 euros !

Train goes in general two times per hours, sometime one time every two hours, need to be informed about trains schedules to don’t get stuck in Lentvaris for hours 🙂

Train is comfortable and the route short despite of the train is going slowly. Lentvaris isn’t far from the Lithuanian capital.

Walking by the lake

Once arrived in the city, a long walk is needed to reach the palace. It is situated by the lake, at the opposite side of the city.

The very good weather we had was perfect for this long walk (30min). All the way is made along the lake of Lentvaris, it’s quite romantic if we avoid some soviet buildings.

Lentvaris Palace by the lake

Lentvaris Palace by the lake

A private Palace

The palace is hidden behind many trees, it is not easily visible. Actually you can see it only when you are almost arrived at the final destination. Somehow it helps.

Being abandoned, the Palace was closed to the public and fences were put all around, so normalcy it is impossible to see it clearly from outside the inner park.

But we were lucky, firstly the trees around have been cut and the fence was open (two workers were there and leave it open for some minutes). We used that time to visit the inner courtyard, which is radically different from photos. Trees there have grown up a lot and hide most of the palace from the park. We can only have a good view of it near it … enough for me when we consider we shouldn’t have access to this part of the park.

If we could, we haven’t been inside, workers could have came back at anytime.

Edouard André’s Park

Besides the Tyszkiewicz palace is one of the four Lithuanian parks imagined by the landscape designer Edouard André.

A human made park which imitate nature. With no straight routes, lake, fake trees made from stones. It is really nice to have a walk there. If it seemed for me smaller than the park in Trakai, it was nicer with small water area, tunnel and stones stairs.

Edouard André Park in Lentvaris

Edouard André Park in Lentvaris

There is not only the park, also a area behind the palace where was an old textile factory, now abandoned, few houses and a small waterfall where we have stopped for some photos.

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