Last meeting before Asia


Just arrived in France that I have to leave my family to visit a friend in Paris. Despite of the striket I was lucky to have at least one day to spend with my friend before her final departure to Asia.

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A late meeting in Paris

After her Erasmus semester in Tallinn my friend wanted to use the time she had to travel a little in Europe. One of her stop was in Paris and fit with my planed schedules. So before I came back to France we agreed on a meeting in the capital when I would have come home. It was before receiving a SMS from Ryanair to inform me that my flight was cancelled and that I needed to spend seven days instead of two in Lithuania. Luckily the first flight available allowed us to see for her last day in France.

Medieval clock on the Conciergerie

Medieval clock on the Conciergerie

I arrived in Paris in the late morning and we as we arranged we met on the Island of the Land (Ile de la cité). From their we go on foot to the fountain of Saint Michel and to Our Lady of Paris cathedral, the place was black of people as always… I noticed near the Palace of Justice an awesome pretty clock, I read about it few days before and it came out that the Conciergerie clock was the first public clock of the city and has been restored this year. It doesn’t beat the Prague’s astronomical one but I like it a lot.

Visit of the already seen place

After almost a week in Paris she has seen many places and monuments but some not. It was the case of the city hall and Pompidou center and its modern fountain from Stravinsky. I ahve brought her to the Louvre and Tuilleries Gardens and later the Concorde square. We haven’t walked on the Champs Elysée, both didn’t really like it, just the nearest fountain was useful for me to fill my bottle and wash my face.

Rince Cochon

Rince Cochon, good beer

After have crossed the huge Alexander III bridge we walk in direction of the Mars Fields and bought some food and drink in a supermarket to later have a picnic on the grass. The shop was really comfortable thanks to air cooling system while outside was extremely hot (I got sunburnt very fast!).

We sat near the Eiffel Tower, ate our sandwiches and drunk our water and beer. The place was nice and the shadow let us rest a little and talk about the past crazy semester.

We continued the day by going to the Invalides and to the Saint Sulpice church. We found the last one thanks to a waiter who knows the city better than me. In the way of Chatellet we passed on the Pont des Arts. We bought special beer in Chatellet, a Belgian Delirium and a Polish Zywiec, then croissants in a bakery found again with the help of the security agent 🙂 We drank those delicious beers on the fountain, dog playing in, and wrote postcard for our Polish friend.

Heavy luggage to carry from the hotel to the bus

Last hours together and we reached her hotel by metro, I had to pull her luggage all the way and it was pretty heavy for me, I don’t want to imagine how she handled it in Copenhagen…

Matriochka in Paris

Matriochka in Paris, gifts from a common tiny friend

We came early in the coach station and say goodbye there, continuing to communicate though the window before the bus left.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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