Last cold days in Tallinn


After more than one year, my friend and me can walked together again in Tallinn and Mustamae. During this last weekend of April which was also the last cold weekend of our long winter, I didn’t have gloves.

A long time

I remember the last time we were both here in Tallinn, it was during the New Year’s eve in 2012. I was working in Vilnius and we came to Estonia to spend three days and celebrate the upcoming year in the city we met the first time. But now we live not far from each other she decided to come to me for the weekend, that change that me going to Lithuania 🙂

Chilling in the city center

Old Town and Vanalinn

We began the weekend with a tour in the city, looking at the mains points and starting with the town hall square where was a concert and a lot of tourists eating on restaurants terraces. We rapidly climb Toompea to look at Tallinn from the principal point of view in a cloudy day. Then it was the turn of the Orthodox Cathedral and of the mediaeval walls and towers separating Toompea from the lower town. We entered in one those tower with its hig and dangerous stairs for free, it was there possible to see the Nevski Cathedral from an original angle.

Tallinn old town

Tallinn old town

Estonia is known to be the only post soviet country to feel Scandinavian. I have never met an Estonian who feels himself as a Baltic person, they are commonly more attached to the other part of the Baltic Sea by their history. Basically they are super close to Finns and it impacts them a lot. In the history before the Germans and Russians, Estonia have been the theatre of fight with Danish and Swedish kingdoms, there is a famous story about Danish in Eestimaa. The Dannebrog, oldest flag in the world still in used, had its roots in Reval (previous name of Tallinn) when Danes fought against the Estonian people. It is said that the flag fell from the sky as a present from god. A good story about it have been drawn by Satw!

Why is he talking about it here you might think? Just because Tallinn host a memorial of that event in the Danish Garden. The Danish flags is standing there since years and in 2013 has been presented a second monument named Tuli Lipp (info here) that shows this flags and descendants from the whole Scandinavian world.

Hungry we chose to eat in the famous Kompressor pancake house for a delicious meal (now it is possible to pay by credit card!) before exploring the Vana Linn quarter. It is a place I like situated in just before the defensive walls on the north side of the town. Not a very tourist area but really pleasant, there are many streets with nice buildings and colours. By chance we saw a Lithuanian flags paint on a wall, that made us smile 🙂

Mere street

In direction of the harbour we passed the Russian cultural center and the park next to it. The building of the center is beautiful with a white façade full of details. The park has a cute fountain with two children holding a umbrella. Linnahall is placed at the end of the street, and as you may know now I love that edifice, what you don’t is that Ona also loves it! We both love old and broken construction and are then completely satisfied with the 1980 Summer Olympic Game harbour. The wind kept blowing the cold but it didn’t prevent us to reach the top and to admire the Baltic Sea. The Linnahall is not entertained and winter after winter its statement is getting worse. The basic construction is as robust as a bunker but the covering suffer a lot. Some brick wall is down and concrete rails broken.

Fountain and Russia culture center

Fountain and Russia culture center

Kadriorg and sea

With the tramway we reach the Kadriorg park and Palace, the gardens were ready to present good this summer, everything seemed prepared. We walk to the beach and met the most beautiful statue of Tallinn: Russalka. I love the beach, walking on the sand makes me always feeling good. One little puppy also enjoyed it until it faced a little river! This poor guy cannot crossed it and try to convince my friend to help him. We didn’t provide help immediately and his owner came to hold him.

Dog's problem

Dog’s problem

We came back by walking along the sea and we saw the new infrastructure of the Baltic Media School. In Kaubamaja we took the trolley to buy frozen pizza for the cheap dinner, both of us were tired.

Mustamae, Nõmme and Rotterman

Unknown park behind my University

The sky looked bad and the morning air was colder than the day before, she prepared her bag to go to spend the afternoon in the city center without to have to come back to Mustamae. But before taking the trolley to the old town we went walking in Vana Mustamae, charming little district between the dormitory that extends to a hill. Mustamae means « black mountain ». There I remember about a place called the Green Castle and we discovered a interesting park (Glehn Park) with some big statues such Kalevipoeg and a fake underground house). There was also a Obversatory tower register in UNESCO world heritage.

Glehn Park Tallinn

Glehn Park

Design buildings and walk to Autobusijam

We return to the dormitory to take the bag and wait for step in the trolley number 3 for the center. We walk from Kaubamaja to Rotterman and compare the changed area with what it used to look before, I noticed that the Olav’s tower is visible between two to those modern constructions and I shot it.

Rotterman buidings in Tallinn

Rotterman buidings in Tallinn

We had lunch in Hell Hunt before a calm walk in the main tourist streets of the old town. After a have done a small shopping and we took the direction of the coach station to finish this weekend. I saw the back side of the only obvious soviet residential building in Tallinn, one thing surprised me: this other side is painted in blue while the front face is still grey!

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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