Jurmala and the Latvian sea side


I went to Riga eight times and saw it during all the seasons, I have never tried to see the Sea. Jurmala is a resort city very close to the Capital is liked by tourists and local during the summer. My friend and I went there for a day.

Train to Jurmala

From Riga it takes only 40 minutes to be in Jurmala and it is pretty cheap. I paid 5 lats for two tickets with returns (7 euros). Jurmala is divided in 5 districts and most of them have a stop. We step out at Majori station, not far from the tourism office, from the sea and at the beginning of the tourist street.

Looking at the Baltic Sea

Looking at the Baltic Sea

City center

If the city looks small it is not really the case. We had to walk a lot to reach some street that looked to be closer to the center. Center with consist of a large residential area between the sea and the river and crossed by a long street on which you can find all restaurant and café. That is all, once you leave it you are between old style wooden house area or close to some new design buildings that may be hotel. We have eaten in a restaurant traditional meals. Prices weren’t so expensive, comparing to Riga it was more than okay.

Latvian food

Latvian food

We were lucky to have a warm weather there, when on the beach I took off my shoes and walked on the hot sand. The wind was fresh and sometimes strong, but I still enjoyed the moment a lot. There was quite a lot of people and I haven’t seen any of them in the water, the water was cold. Very cold.

Park and tower

On a tourist map I noticed a place that seemed worth to see. It looked like a blue castle and our curiosity made us walk to it. After thirty minutes walking we discover a little blue palace made out of wood, kind of Disneyland attraction where we are supposed to see a Princess. No Latvian blond princess but a closed space surrounding what is now a hotel.

On our way to it was have crossed a sport park where children and adults were doing sport such pushbike, roller and bicycle. A thing surprised us a lot was to see in the middle of this little forest a high observation tower. Construction was particular: made out only from grid. Walking up was quite not comfortable for such a person like me that is feared by high… but I made it!

Observation tower in Jurmala

Observation tower in Jurmala in Dzintari Park

I was my last day in Latvia and we had to return to Riga for me to not miss my train. We walked a last time along the Latvian coast and then in the residential area. A train came soon after we reached the train station in Majori again. If Jurmala isn’t as close as Pirita to its capital, the city offers restaurant and things that are missing in its Estonian cousin. I could go there again in the summer, who knows? 🙂

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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