In Riga for the white night


European Cultural capital 2014, Riga organized a unique program for its annual International Light Festival. Among the typical installations of Staro Riga was a parade with happily dancing people and a cold wind blowing on the city.

I also made a video from this night 🙂

Staro Riga 2014

This was my fourth time attending the Latvian Festival of Light in the Capital the week before the Latvian independence day. Since 2011 I haven’t missed it and always have enjoy it, walking in the old town during such event make you rediscover Riga in an original way, and year after it shows a different face! Amazing!

This year I chose to go only for a day and alone to stay out until late to not miss any scenes. I arrived in the city before in afternoon and left it the day after in the morning at Sunday in the early morning! It was cold those days in the Baltic but not snowy and after the performances finished I had to fill my free time in warm places.

Many attractions

There were more than twenty objects in the old town that were enlighten. Some constructions were in famous site like the Opera House, the Cathedral or the University. There were some 3D videos projected on the facades of important buildings but also several smaller installation stuffs in streets. This time I appreciated the Dancing Fountains and the long videos at the cathedral square. Those two were for me the best. At the Opera they didn’t create the same projection as two years ago that I loved, but instead set a weird yet cool circle in front of it.

Karnaval is new

For the first time the municipality organised a parade in the street of Riga. About fifty people walked around the old town dressed in black and moved large metal structure representing enlighten giants. If it was not very impressive it attracted a lot of people!

In pub waiting for bus

When my legs started to freeze I got in the nearest restaurant, Charlie’s Pizza, to have dinner and seat. It was late  when I left the restaurant. The city which was full of people became empty, and only the youngster were still walking, preparing themselves for Saturday night party. I stay between midnight to my bus departure in the Rock Café, that is now my favourite party place in town. While I was sitting around a beer listening to karaoke, I have been offered to play table-football by locals. It was a great ending for this long day before I returned to Tallinn.

The Blue Bridge

The Blue Bridge

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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