In Paris for Christmas


I have met an old friend from University who live now in the capital for a year. He didn’t visit the city and stayed two more days there before going back to the south. It was the only day we could have met, the day after my arrival in France.

No photo album yet, I have to sort and upload them first 🙂

Guess who is back to France!?

From Tallinn to Vilnius

My semester was done, my exams finished and I could release a bit for some days. I had a bus the night of my last presentation at University and I fill my last time in Tallinn with bag packing and meeting with my Georgian friend. A classemate who lived at two step from a tramway station I would need.

We talked and shared a bottle of Georgian wine. It was short and I had to jump in my tramway to not miss my only bus to Vilnius. Average temperature in Estonia : -18° and I was tired.

At 10 minutes to stay a bit more in Lithuania

A 9 hours travel to Lithuania. That was long despite I had a interesting mate, Lithuanian guy who has travelled a lot and had many things to tell.

I arrived in Vilnius at 6h30 and it was cold, very cold. My friend was waiting for me at a bus station I asked my bus to stop. We walk a bit to her house and had a warm tea.

Later we moved to the center, I had some time to spend before my flight.. I though. Once our little city tour finished we realized that it would be impossible to get the trolley bus and she called a taxi.

Due to the traffic jam at noon here, the taxi was late, and our drive to the airport was really long. The gate were closing at 12h30 and I reached airtport 10 minutes later. I ran to find where to go, helped or not by some staff. I managed to pass the security gate and to check on time! 12h55 and I was in the plane, ready to go to France!

Hello clouds!

15h30 local time and I was walking on my land. It was like when I left it. Grey, windy and rainy. I prefer the cold with a blue sky.

Hungry I wanted to buy food at the airport but I hadn’t coins. I realized that it is impossible to pay by card if you buy for less than 5 euros…

Oh Paris … you’re so particular

I lived for almost one year in Chatillon, suburbs of Paris. It offered me the possibility to visit the capital very easily: metro station or bike.

What came from that periods is that I gently hate Paris. The city isn’t romantic or beautiful as it is seened. Some place are maybe really nice but on the whole not.

I have no attachement with it and I would never live there. Never ever.

Statue on the Pont Alexandre III in Paris

Statue on the Pont Alexandre III in Paris

One long day in the capital

Expensive city

I have spent too much in a very short time in Paris, incredible! I started my day with 50 euros and finished it without any cents! That included train tickets to Paris (14 euros), unlimited metro ticket (4 euros), food (10 euros) and various presents for family and friends.

Champs Elysée

The old friend I met in Paris is not used to take the subway there. When I arrived in the train station I texted him to give him the meeting point. I think we have half a hour to find each other, outside the station 😀

Once we met for real and hug each other we took the metro to the great avenue.  He didn’t remember having seen it or not, and he told me that it might be some christmas market there.

What we saw was a empty grey avenue with tourist shitty shops, expensive brand building called like Louis Vuiton, and homeless. Nothing magical. The principal good point was that if we expected the rain, nothing came.

Shop on Champs Elysées

Shop on Champs Elysées

The christmas market on Champs Elysée consisted on restaurant wooden house, food sellers and bullshit retaillers. It was so cliché! No christmas spirit at all (and I try to catch it).

Eiffel Tower and Christmas Market

I came to Paris with an idea: to do a christmas photo with my Estonian hat under the Eiffel Tower. My friend could pratice his non photographer skills on me :p ut he did a good job, some photos are as I wanted them to be.

Under the Trocadero has been open an « Christmas maket of Europe » with many chalets. One for each county wearing a flag. I find the Russian and Lithuanian ones. Nothing from Estonia of Latvia. The particularity was that non of the shop sold any national products.

Lithuanian shop at the Paris christmas market

Lithuanian shop at the Paris christmas market

Lunch in Le Marais

By metro we got Chatellet and its fountain. We walked fastly to Les Halles, the district where we had the most chances to find food. We passed by passing the Saint Jacques tower.

So many restaurant that we had plenty of choice. But we desired a – quite -cheap place. Nonce of us ever went to KFC, then when it seemes that it was the most interesting option we had, we went there. A meal for 10 euros, not tasty food… for me it will never happen again.

Ice skatting on town hall square

If there is something I always see in Paris and that I don’t like is that the town hall square is always busy, used for different activities and meeting. For theese hollidays the municipality has decided to instal a large swimming pool on the square. Well… no it was actually a ice skating ring but who was melting so much that people were ridding on water instead of ice.

Ice skatting in Paris town hall

Ice skatting in Paris town hall

Behind the town hall we found the Pompidou Center, large modern building which surprises every years a lot of tourists by its design. I don’t really like it, but it doesn’t matter.

Christmas shopping

Stop in Bastille for short. Our metro connection gave us the possibility to see the Bastille square and column. Nothing really impresive but I like the monument a lot.

After we got the metro again and moved to Italy square where is a big shopping mall. none if us hadound christmas present and Christmas was the following day.

Panthéon and Saint Francis church by night

We had a etro back to the really centre and walked to the most impreddive builing of Paris for me.The Pantheon. Here were dozen of christmas trees. But not illuminated. Then it was sad.

The moon was full and the sky brighy. I brang my friend to the square of Sorbone.

The Pantheon at night

The Pantheon at night

Our Lady Cathedral 850th birthday

Back to the centre and the river Seine I asked my friend to be brave and to walk to Our Lady. Some stand was there on the square, seems for celebrating the 850th anniversary of it. Why 850th and not 900th? Nobody knows..

Pigalle and Kremlin

From the Saint Michel metro station we reached the Pigalle district looking for a special pub: Le Kremlin. Decorated with old soviet stuff, this bar was my favorite place during my parisian life.

I didn’t remember in which street exactly it was, after have checked three of them I asked some guys who called a barman. She told us where to go and it was not far 🙂 Unlikely the light were off and the door closed!

Lost in Stanlingrad

After that long day we finaly had to separate. My friend’s train couldn’t be missed and I was kind of tired to go back to my bed.

We said each other goodbye at the Stalingrad station, place where our metro pass and have a connection with my friend other metro. I always wanted to see what was at the Stalingrad square. I have been quite disapointed by it, I know it was winter and night but the channel has nothing special and the rotond isn’t that special.

Stalingrad metro station

Stalingrad metro station

When I wanted to drink something I searched for a pub. I find one on the square but the beer at 6 euros … for 25cl cooled me down. Instead I got an orange juice for 3 euros, youhow.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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