Hot lithuanian beach


For my last day on the Lithuanian sea-side, I have the chance to put my feet on the super-warm sand of Nida! It is not the south of France, but enough to feel the summer sunray and relaxing!

The stop

Directly after Palanga and our lunch the bus tour continue till the sea where we took with the bus a small ferry to join the Curonian Spit. Then it took less than 30 minutes to reach a moment and start a walk.

Mentors let us without information. People start to form countless of small group and going in every direction. I made my own group in which I was the leader and the only participant. I decide to follow my instinct – and others groups – and move tothe sea. The first thing I do was to take off my shoes and my shirt. The sand was really hot and the sun too.

Once on the limit of the sand hill – very abrupt – I start walking along the sea, when some people join me, or when I join them, I don’t really know. We reach with some « difficulties »  Nida.

On the way we learnt that the meeting point was there, in the harbour of Nida. We cross some wooden houses district, very nice. When you see it you just want to call one of the many number written on the houses to rent a room for holidays.

I just arrived in the port and ask for a beer. They are more expensive than in the rest of the country but still cheaper than in France. The waitress gave mine and people were going in the bus, we had to take the ferry again to Klaipeda for the afternoon.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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