Great trip to Silesia


I have never lived in Poland but it is a warm country where I always have good time. When my friend proposed me make me visit her region I couldn’t resist and planed my trip to Tallinn according to her proposition.

Arrival in Poland

My sister drove Weronika and me to Beauvais and let us visit the cathedral, thing that the Polish appreciated. For me also it was good since I have never been inside.
We arrived at the airport very early, d the plane was delay of one hour, also we managed to be the first to get inboard and to choose the best seats we could 🙂 In Poland her sister came to pick up us and drove for almost an hour to the village where I will stay for three nights.

Bielsko-Biała by night

First day kn Poland for me, after having had a nice dinner with her family and having tried pierogies, sort of Polish dumplings, she shown me the closest important city if Silesia. I was tired but able to walk and I really liked what I have seen that night. I could make as much photos I wanted and you will have to trust me when I say that Bielsko is pretty at night. I have been particularly impressed by the town hall building with its tower.


This city that I cannot pronounce the name was the first city we visited this day. It has a beautiful church and nice market square with Daisy’s statue, but the high tourist attraction is indeed the Pszczyna Palace.From outside it doesn’t look very impressive but once inside it turns to be a wonderful place! Large rooms that have kept their original decorations and furnitures! I bought there a green t-shirt having a buffalo on it, buffaloes are typical from this part of Poland and Pszczyna has a farm with few of them which can be seen.

Memorial of Daisy von Pless

Memorial of Daisy von Pless

Bielsko-Biała by day

Weronika’s sister had some business to do in Bielsko-Biała and it gave us almost two hours to visit the town alone with again the possibility to see the Castle, the post office or the Art Nouveau buildings which seem to be the standart there.

Street in Bielsko-Biała

Street in Bielsko-Biała

Żywiec museum and castle

More than a beer brand Żywiec is a city in the south of Poland, with a beer museum! Reason of the visit, the Żywiec beer museum was a perfect idea from Weronika, the ay how the visit is made, with an English speaking guide in a original place made me have a good time. The museum is situated in the old cold rooms of the brewery, in front of the producing place. Visit take about one hour and we are led room to room in a dynamic and interactive way until the bar were beer (or juice) is served to the vistors. A must do!

Piwo Żywieckie

Piwo Żywieckie

Beside the museum we walked around the castle of Żywiec, a building from the XIV’s that was the last residence of a famous WWII survivor.

Stop at the Tresna’s lake

The way back to the village was a little longer, her sister wanted to show  me one of the numberous lakes that are between the mountains. We drove arround a large one near the city of Tresna, I admit that it is very big and that the view is really nice with mountains chain on the background!

Tresna's lake

Tresna’s lake

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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