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Just back from Latvia and I have to move to Sweden, Stockholm, knew for being beautiful and pleasant but also for its high living cost. Despite being in the north the capital is a quite difficult city to reach from Estonia.  Then when my local ESN organizes a cruise I cannot resist to apply.

My last time

It took almost two years to see me walk again in the street of Stockholm, and the last time was already thanks to a trip organized ESN Sweden: the famous and epic ESN Sea Battle. It was a very big even for my friends and me, we had a lot of fun on the boat and were even more happy the morning in the city. Now I am not Erasmus student anymore, my friends haven’t been enrolled for the cruise and it made my trip more different.

It also means that I have been as often in Sweden than in Finland which is much more closer 😀

The fantastic cruise to Sweden

Parties on boat

The main part of the cruise was the parties onboard, with hundred students from ESN Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania going to meet the ones from ESN Danemark and ESN Sweden! Two nights, and two possibilities to have fun!

As I said previously I went there alone, I didn’t really know my roomates, then I my only activities were about visiting each rooms which was open and start to talk with people. I had interesting encounters! People from Tartu, Slovakia… even a group of Brazillians, they were crazy!

The most expensive coffee of my life

The most expensive coffee of my life

If the organizers planed a big dinner for us on the Saturday night (that I couldn’t enjoy because the ferry moved too much) the Sunday morning breakfast was paid by myself.. and shit how expensive it was! I wasn’t expecting a cheap coffee, but what I get cost around 8 euros!

Arrival in Stockholm harbour

Sunday morning, the ferry stopped in the Stockholm’s northern harbout and I had no plan of where to go or with who to visit the city. My German roomates proposed me to join them, I got a city map hidden in a desk before leaving the terminal. It is something I really missed during my first visit.

So my three Germans followed the people to the closet metro station to get the city center. Hundred humans going at the same place, many foreigners… nobody had any ticket and we spent half a hour before going into the station.

Metro to Oppa Oppa Gamla Stan

I named this article according to that famous Korean song because the central and historical part of Stockholm is called Gamla Stan, everybody have made a connection with Gangam Style of SPY! Oppa Oppa 🙂

The station is down the hill of the Royal Palace where we wanted to go. We have crossed many small streetsessentialy for tourists – to reach it. We had a stop in a grocery shop for the German girl to buy food, ordering in Swedish by the way, and in multiple souvenirs shop to get presents and postcards… Swedish seem to have too much tall beautiful blond girls: they want us to send them abroad… crazy nation.

Send a nice Swedish Girl to your friends

Send a nice Swedish Girl to your friends

A bit before reaching the Palace square we saw a Deutch (or German?) church and the church of Saint Nicholas. Couldn’t enter in but somehow we stay in its small square more than needed.

Royal Palace

Maybe the main interest in the Old Town, the Royal Palace is an very large building in the north of the old island. We haven’t spent so much time there, if I compare with my previous time when we were waiting for the changing of the guard, that time was pretty short.

Royal Palace in Stockholm

Royal Palace in Stockholm

Behind the Palace is the street going down the hill starting from where the Obelisk is to the channel where stand the statue of the King Gustav III. We walk a bit by the channel and went back to the central part of the island to the south and a square with the statue of Kornhamnstorg. After that we walk to reach the Church of Riddarholmen.

Church of Riddarholmen

We came on a very nice square with its church, palaces and statue dedicated to Birger Jarl. We walk around for some time, making photos of the place and me of my Smiley Ball on a little Stockholm.

Church of Riddarholmen in Stockholm

Church of Riddarholmen in Stockholm

Try to eat for « cheap »

Because everybody started to be hungry we decided to leave for a while the old town to the newer part in the north. A long street starts after the Swedish Parliament on which we found many shops and restaurants. In our group of four, we were two who wanted to eat in a cheap place such as Mc Donalds, one wished better and the last didn’t care. Because we didn’t find anything else than expensive restaurants and strangef kebabs we went for lunch at an American fast food.

Maybe it was not that cheap in comparaison with Tallinn and maybe the fries were quite cold and without taste.. but ketshup was for free!

On the way we entered in a candy shop and bought some strange candies and saw the Central Hall Palace of Stockholm.

Sunset on Stockholm and church of Saint Clara

Winter makes the days shorter, that provides bad points, but also it good point: we do not need to wait long to see the sunset, around 17h and the sky starts to be dark.

I told my friends to go to the Skeppsholmen island to watch the sunset, I knew that place from the last time. We had a break in the Saint Clara church, where meals were offered to homeless outside the building. The interiror looks nice and is calm, as in a church.

The sun get lower and lower and with another photogrape lover we practice our sunset photos, long exposition and low sensitiviy. Not all my photo are good but some are 🙂

Swedish bridge at the sunset

Swedish bridge at the sunset

Skeppsholmen island

Little Island, it has many sailboats and a special bridge wearing two Royal Crowns. I am not sure but I think there is nothing special. We followed the only road and asked two girls how to get the closest shopping center to buy food (it would be ridiculously expensive on board).

I laid a bit on my bench remembering the past while watching the sunset. It was really nice to been there again.

My favorite bench is in Stockholm

My favorite bench is in Stockholm

End of the visit, everybody on board

Worse part of the day was to leave the city. Expensive but really nice to visit. We didn’t find our shopping center but a metro station. I didn’t know before but they are all awesomely decorated! I felt like being in Disneyland!

I took a poor sandwich with a drink for 7 euros and we walked back to the terminal where thousand of new ESN were waiting!

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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