French National Disco Day


Today we celebrate the Fête de la Fédération (1790) and not the French Revolution. We do not celebrate the war and blood but the unity and brothership between the whole French.

Fireworks in Paris

Fireworks in Paris

My 14th July in 2010

For thoose who don’t know, I lived in Paris suburbs 2 years ago, I was doing my internship in the same company where I am now working.

I had 8 months in summer in this city but I was not the person I am now. I didn’t visit Paris. Never ever. I learnt some subway station, but I could tell where some specific buildings where. Impossible.

It’s not that I didn’t leave my room. Actually I was riding my bike every evening untill the night, but in the forest on bike way, not in Paris.

It was before I start travelling.

One time I wentto the capital was to see this fireworks (july 2010). I was naive and I though it would be easy to get a good place, I also though it would be wonderful to attend to this show.

No no and no. It was bullshit. After have left the metro we all were block in a street from which we could move and where we couldn’t see the tower. It was very disapointed. Especially because police closed the metro station for one hour after the spectacle and didn’t let us find other station… Incredible but true.

Why I didn’t went to Versailles

In 2010 I attend to the firework of Versailles. You know the city of our Kings.They normally make much better show than in Paris. I really enjoyed it when I have been, despite 1 hour of metro to go to Versailles and 1 hour to come back.If I didn’t went this year it was because of the rain. We had such a bad weather that I prefer to stay at home than to loose my night I get sick.

Eiffel Tower on 14th July

Eiffel Tower on 14th July

Find my place

This year I manage to come from somewhere else, much before the start (1 hour). I could get a not place position in Champs de Mars, far from perfect but still quite good regarding at what time I came.

The park in the axis Trocadero – Eiffel Tower was absolutly full, I sat just next to eat.

Tonight it’s disco!

In 2012 topic was about Disco and the performance was put in music with the most famous disco songs and a giant disco ball was instaled in the Eiffel Tower.

The giant ball was 7,5 meter and had 1200 mirrors!

Fireworks in Paris

Fireworks in Paris

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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  1. wow wish i can witness this disco day in paris..but happy to be in spain again and visited barcelona, montserrat and callela..interesting places in spain…just arrived this afternoon..tired but contented with the travel and had a lot of fun there. thank again for the visit..and yes wurzburg palace or residence was mentioned by napoleon as the nicest parsonage in europe..happy to be there for a lot of times…best regards from me and my blogs..See The WorldTravel EuroasiaEurope Travel PadCountryside Trip