Finish the year with Tallinn


I decided to conclude my year as I started it, in Estonia with my friends. I wished to be with all but it was too difficult to plan for many of them. That’s why we were just three to leave Vilnius for Tallinn. We have had a memorable night!

We are good to decide at the last moment

It was our wish since we have left Estonia and even before. As you know for me this charming little town is really special, so I do my best to be in Tallinn for the 31th december. Okay, it wasn’t too difficult beccause I live in Vilnius, but still not easy when you decided to book everything one week before!

Actually on the 20th we just decided to go. No bus, no plane and no hotels were booked! While my friend was trying to find some cheap plane to reach Vilnius and leave from Tallinn, my job consisted to book bus and find a hotel in Tallinn. Even if the city is not super famous and has a lot of hotels I had some difficulties to find a cheap hotel close to city center. I chose the Mahtra Hotel, only 20 minutes from the Old Town with many busses. For the bus it was easier, only one was going from Vilnius, with Eurolines and more expensive than normal time, 95 litas (30 euros) for everyone.

First day of the New Year’s trip

Long bus ride

We came at 6am in Autobussijaam, the central bus station of Tallinn, after a 9 hours journey. I used to be on the road for more than 7 hours, but here was different. From Riga we were with two russian who speak loud and shouting. Impossible to make them quite…

Our first mission was to go to hostel and leave our luggages. We were a bit lost when we should find the bus stop. The cross was in working and this stops was actually four differents stop. We find ours with the help of a estonian 🙂 We reach the hotel before 8am, registered and give luggages in 30 minutes to be able to go back for 9am in the center.

End of Ice Age in Estonia

End of Ice Age in Estonia

Café and morning city tour

As I know, we went to the Reval Cafe for a breakfast: tea, coffee, salad and cake. During our stop we saw the sun rising, buildings and streets started to be bright. After we start a tour in the Old Town, and its medieval streets, square with Christmas Tree, viewpoint and some special places. For example the Linnahall! We reach it after crossing an old soviet « square ». As usual the view from the concert hall is nice, we ad the chance to see the first snow of the year (at least, the first big snow for us) on the 31th december!



Fall because of snow, checked

The funny fact you should know is that during my entire winter semester in Tallinn for my erasmus, I never fell. And today after 20min af snow I fell like a noob in the stairs. Luckily no problem appears.

The best restaurant is close

Before noon we decided to eat in Kompressor. But what a desillusion when we read on the door « open tomorow from 12:00 » … We move so to the Molly Malone, the famous Irish pub of the city with a veiw on Town Hall. The place is mostly knew thank its live concert and beer choice but the few meal they offer are very tasty! I chose the Molly Burger because it’s my favorite 🙂


For the afternoon I proposed to the Kadriorg Palace. I heard about it this summer but never had time to see it. The Palace is nice and it was for me a surprise to discover the Presidential Palace just behind it! Yes, in six months I never had the idea to visit it! Shame on me! During this walk under few snow we remembered that the famous KUMU museum is also there, but we didn’t visited it. Not enought time. We managed to find a bus stop somewhere to go to our hotel and prepare ourselves for the tonight’s party!

Let’s the night beging!

After a shower and a small nape for thoose who can we were already in a bus to the Liberty Square. We have been to another famous and great restaurant: the Hell Hunt. We stop for a beer, snack and talk. The restaurant has its own beer, I obviously ask for mine: Hell Hunt Tume (local dark beer). Then a pub tour start: we met an estotian friend in a pub on Rüüti street where we ate and drink two beers each, later it was Depeche Mode Baar, because I never try it and finally the Shooters Baar for some shot! The classic B-52 was impossible to put on fire and other were delicious.

Some extra drink before the celebration

Some extra drink before the celebration

We stay in Shooters untill midnignt to walk to Raekeda Plats and see the New Year celebration with countless of fireworks (1 hour!) and an incredible amount of people in streets! We stay outside for some photos and enjoy the crazy atmosphere and then go to drink our first glasses of 2012 in Moly Malone. A friend from erasmus was also here and stay with us.

The night finish by spending one hour to find a taxi. We weren’t ready to pay a lot, even for the New Year’s eve. All taxi line were buzy and impossible to call them. We find our taxi next to Club Privé, and it cost just 15 euros. Two time less than other taxi and it was a real compagny! This taxi problem make our night (or morning) difficult.

One left us

My friend who came from France had to be in airport for 7am but we were not able to join any taxi. The hotel help us but wasn’t more efficient. So he decide finaly to take busses which are going from 5am.

Second day of the New Year’s trip

2012 starts pretty good

The day after we woke up at 12am. I wasn’t wasted for an after party, actually I felt pretty good depiste a short night.

On the city map we saw some places the previous day which are on the way of our bus (or almost..) and we decided to visit them. The first stop was the Song Festival Ground or Lauluväljak and walk on the hill. Then we take the direction to pirita beach and the Russalka Monument also know as Russian Angel which is in front of the Baltic sea and at the end of the road from Kadriorg Palace.

Tallinn Song Festival Ground

Tallinn Song Festival Ground


Then, we had a expedition to the Memorial Complex, because from Pirita no busses are going so we had to change bus too often! After one hour of walking and 3 differents busses, we finally have saw the memorial. An horizontal arc stand on many columns built with different estonian style and a high column.

The tramway number 4 has his terminus next to the monument, its him which bring us back to center where we had lunch in Kompressor, the restaurant was full and we had to wait 40 minutes before be able to eat the tasty pancakes!

Estonian World War II Memorial in Jüriöö Park

Estonian World War II Memorial in Jüriöö Park

Legendary trolly 3 to Mustamae

With my girlfriend we liked to walk by night in the district behind our dormitories (TLU dorms and Academic Hostel), that’s why we took the legendary trolley n°3 in direction of the Tallinn Technical University and walk in Vana-Mustamae, the quite wooden district. It’s always a pleasure to see these streets, empty, without any disturbing noise but full of snow, very relaxing 😉 In december the weather in cold and dry, it was for me hard to stay more than 1h30.

Old Tallinn's district

Old Tallinn’s district

Last dinner in the old town

Our last moment in Tallinn was in the restaurant C’est La Vie together, with some delicious desserts: a good Crême Brulée and .. something else. This last weekend in Tallinn resume my semester there: an impressive souvenir with friends, crazy night, food and good beers, after have seen nice places and a major event!

Ice cream in C'est La Vie

Ice cream in C’est La Vie

The year finished, the Cultural Capital isn’t Tallinn anymore but showed how the Tallinn experience was for me: unforgotable, friendly and explosive! Never have time to be bored! Little Estonia: You doing it good!

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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