Find a budget hotel and cheap accomodation

Room in Teddy Bear hostel in Riga

Room in Teddy Bear hostel in Riga

Comparaison of the different types of accommodation

1. Hotel

Book an hotel room is the easiest way to find your accommodation. Normally all the hotel you will find propose a lot of services which can help you a lot if you plan to stay for some days. The room is yours and you can leave your luggage and valuable inside (still be careful).


Private room, space, safe, good location possible, services (parking, laundry…), price per room.


Price (in general more than 40euros per night)

I hightly recommand

Hotel Helvetia (Warsaw)

2. Youth hostel

Cheap doesn’t mean weak here. Many hostel afford same kind of services and are open 24h/24. It’s not exceptional to find breakfast included in the price. The principal difference is that your room will be shared with other people. This is called ‘dorm’ and start from 3 to 12 guest, could be mix or unisex.

Privileged by youth people there is always an enjoyable and dynamic atmosphere, possibly noisy, but I know by experience that roommates are respectful to others. Some hostels also have private room and/or bathroom inside the room.


Cheap (from 7 to 24 euros per night), breakfast commonly include, clientele are mainly students and young travelers, good way to talk to foreigners, secure luggage store, good location in city center common.


Could be noisy, need to trust other, lock for luggage store not always given (expensive to buy on in hostel)

I hightly recommand

Friendly Fun Frank (Riga), Teddy Bear Hostel (Riga), Brigittenay Hostel (Vienna), Youth Hostel (Linz), Necktarpark (Stuttgart), Meininger (Berlin), Pogo Hostel (Vilnius).

3. Couch surfing

I have never tried but it seems to be an interesting solution. This new way to sleep abroad, couch surfing come from the USA and seduce more and more people for mainly resaon.

When you registered on the website you can be host or guest, the service is not limitied of hosting somebody, but is principaly axed on exchange between people. Your host will be please to meet you and talk with you about travelling.

It’s common that the host become also a guide and a short time friend, possibly a real friend?


Very cheap, important cultural exchange, improve English, make frienship, have a guide.


You will leave in someone place, are are not as free than in an hotel room.

4. Host by a friend

This is like couch surfing but with someone you know already! If you have made friend during an semester abroad or if you have friend who move away don’t hesitate to ask him. For me it’s the best solution to spend time with people you like and to remember memories you had together.

My best vacantions always happen when I sleep in a friend place, it’s like we were always sharing time even if sometimes more than one year have passed! PragueVilniusMarburgWarsawKiev, Lodz, : here are awesome souvenirs!


Normaly free (don’t forget to bring gift), meet (old) friend, have fun!


Need to say goodbye to a friend you will not meet for sometimes, location is probably not in the city center.

5. Rent an apartment

If you have the money for it will be a super plan to live for some days (interesting from one week to one month) rent an apartment is a good way to discover a city.


Like a short time flat: kitchen, washing machine, personal fridge…


Quite expensive, no services (you’re alone there), internet (wifi or not) not always provided.

I hightly recommand

Skapo Appartment (Vilnius), Kaunas Apartments (Kaunas)

6. Why not stay awake all night?

Sometime who want to go for short and you don’t need to book a room because you have bus in early morning. This brave possibility to stay up all day and all night implies to don’t get tired easily and don’t go if it’s plan a bad weather (rain, cold) if you don’t know where to stay for the night…

I have tried it only one time, in Riga. We went with friend during a cold winter, spending 25 hours in an empty city (winter).


For free, nothing to book.


Need to know what to do, and have luggage with you all time, to don’t get tired..

7. And some important links to find your accommodation

I know some good website to find my hotel wherever I go. Here is my top three which satisfie me all the time.

  • Hi Hostel: To book quickly very cheap hostel all arround the world. By Hostelling International.
  • Travellerspoint: Easy to find the location with the interactive map and a huge selection of hotels and dorms.
  • Booking: You can book on the website without paying any deposite. Possibility to edit your booking.

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