Fête de la musique 2012


I managed to get bored in Paris, the certainly most animated city of Europe.. But tonight is the World Music Night and I have decided to go out for long and to enjoy as much as I can the warm night.

Russian musicians in ParisRussian musicians in Paris

Russian musicians in Paris

A night with Russia

Metro to Bastille Square

From my dormitory, reaching the Bastille is pretty complicated and long. I must take at least 3 different lines… And I chose to take 3 lines plus a tramway! I never used the Parisian tram and I think I won’t have any other occasion to use it. Transport took me almost 40 minutes, that is to say that by bike I would have time to reach the square and to come back…

Russian music and language

Since some months I listen Russian music, traditional, pop and soviet songs. I got interesting by this language.

Concert was taking place in front of the Librairie Globe, Russian library of Paris. I went inside for beers and I find a discount language book. For 3 euros I have a book to learn the basis of the Russian language!

Ending night with rock

After hours, night came and Russians start singing with Tzigans. It was less interesting and I started to be tired. I needed to change atmosphere.

I walk in direction of the Vosges square. Music concerts were mostly in pub, not in street.. But I finally found a good rock band on Rue Vielle du Temple.. and I don’t remember their name.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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