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After a month of studies in Tallinn I took a five days break to rest in Lithuania. A enough long period where I have visited some special places of the city that I have never seen despite having lived six months there.

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Special trip

I came to Vilnius with my flatemate for 5 days because we both like Lithuania and we both spent some time in the country. We booked our tickets many weeks ago. We manage to not meet once during this week abroad, and I have try my first hotel in the city.

Day 1

Vilnius colder than Tallinn

First thing we noticed after have stept out the bus was that the city was much colder than Tallinn, probably because it was early morning and still the night, but despite wearing many warm clothes I was really frozen. Even worse for my mate who were not well prepared.

We bought bus tickets and jumped in the first trolley to the center, once arrived we separated, he went to his friend and me to my hostel. We will meet only five day later. I think I woke up the receiptionist, who agree to host my luggage while I would be in city before the check in.

Pogo Hostel

I booked my room in Pogo hostel, probably owned by the same person as the Pogo bar. Hostel cheap and in the center, in front of the Cathedral square. I have reserved a private room and got .. a private dorm. Only for me.

Bus to the northern district for the Holy Cross

The sky was super blue, with some pink and orange. I always loved the morning light over the Cathedral.

The last time when I went to the Verkai palace I remember have seen a church on my way from the trolley window. Then I went there to start my ‘unexplored Vilnius trip’.

Cimetery of the Holy Cross

Cimetery of the Holy Cross

A 20 min ride leaded me to that place. A nice roman church and a very large cimetery. I liked to walk around and I have noticed many Polish names.

Back to the old town

Waiting to meet my friend I went back in the old town to see the normal tourist places such as the Pilies street and the church of Saint Anne.

Day 2

Only by night

A day off after having been in Kaunas. Chilling at home principaly. I have took some photos of the Cathedral during the night, improving my new camera 🙂

Vilnius Cathedral by night

Vilnius Cathedral by night

Day 3

So many churches in Vilnius

Yesterday was shown me a book with all the churches of Vilnius. I was grandly surprised to see they were twice more than I have ever suspected, and I already though they were a lot. Then I noted all the churches names and locations on a paper and prepared a long tour to them!

From the bastion to the station

After having seen the church of the Holy Cross near Verkai which was quite far I stayed close to the centre and walked to the Bastion where the church of the Ascension and the church of the Heart of Jesus (closed) are.

Church of the Ascension

Church of the Ascension

I walked down to the station and the Gate of Dawn and entered the Chapel. A really amazing decoration, I have took photos, very small room and many people. I after saw the Greek Catholic church, the church of the Blesed Virgin Mary of the Consolation,the Fransiscan church, the church of the Holy Spirit and the Trinity church  among many others… If until know it was easy to find them I had much more difficulties to find the Lutheran church in a inner courtyard. I have passed so many time near the entrance, without having understood that a church was there… churches everywhere!

Unexpected parade

I attended to soemthing special and not planned on the square of the President Palace. The changing of the guards, with some medieval soldiers in armors!

Medieval Lithuanian soldiers

Medieval Lithuanian soldiers

Day 4

The new Alexander Nevski

To continue my church marathon I went to the train station district. Very poor quarter of the city, this district has two of the churches I wanted to see. I only managed to see one, but not the worse: the church of Alexander Nevski. This famous guy having churches and cathedral in each city here in eastern Europe.

Alexander Nevski church in Vilnius

Alexander Nevski church in Vilnius

Good to see that I have been there during the renovation of this building. On old photos it seemed totaly broken. Actually the church has been closed during the soviet occupation and never opened since. Two guys were doing their job by making a new fence around the orthodox church.

Train Station

To join the old town I had to cross the train station and I have noticed a bridge over the railways. I took it and had a sympatic view on the station with its blue roof and on the trains.

Trains in Vilnius

Trains in Vilnius

Strange old church and park

After having stop in the biggest Maxima center of the city centre I explored a new part of Vilnius, a street leaded me to an old church which has been turnt into a famous club (Kablys), I have never seen it before and I couldn’t missed it. A giant crochet stand on its facade.

Farther is the Reformatu park, typical soviet style. Consisting of a assembly of million piece of concret! The most incredible is that it seems not that bad when you are walking in it.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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