Estonian Independence day


For the 97th anniversary of Estonia I have been attending the usual early morning ceremony on Toompea, in the Parliament’s yard.

This year the military parade took place in Narva, the third largest Estonia that is on the Russian border. Considering the current tension between NATO and Russia this choice (even though planed before Crimea’s problem) is interesting.

Children attending morning ceremony

Children attending morning ceremony

Official ceremony

Living in the North of Tallinn now, I didn’t plan to meet with other students beforehand. I expected to see them arrive in group as usual to the Parliament. I was not among the first people there but I could stand close enough to the participants.

Those participant were mostly students from various Universities, each factions having their flag raised and people wearing the typical Estonian school hat.

We had a long speech in Estonian that I didn’t understand, but later heard Vladimir Putin gave its approval. Which again is interesting knowing the position of Estonian regarding its big neighbour plans in the East Europe.

After the National flag rising and the anthem sang by everybody, I went to a café to get warmer before going to work. Independence day in Estonia but not in France…

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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