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Afternoon in Lille, as my last time I enjoyed my stayed in this city. My local friend has discovered more places and was a good guide this time! Despite of the bad weather the Lithuanians enjoyed it.

Getting the hotel and meet the local

I have book a 3 beds room in the Etap Hotel of Lille situated at 10min walk from the center. A really good place which could be perfect with a free car park (5euros the night). We find a place in a street next to the hotel for free.

Find it was not difficult despite of a GPS who didn’t know the street position..

After having paid and got the door code we went to the room, change clothes and make ourselves more fresh.

Girls first impression

I sent a message to my friend, meeting on the Grand Place in 15min, enough for us to go there and for him to .. hum I don’t know.

We had meeting under the Monument of the Goddesse of Théophile Bra, and my friend was already there waiting inside the bookstore.

They didn’t know each other but make friends easily, then we talk about our evening plan with that important question:

I am super hungry and I need to know 😀

The modern Cathedral

Our French friend bring us is different streets to find a café or small restaurant (we decided to drink only) but we didn’t find any open where we beeen.

On the way we saw a modern church: the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Treille. Really nice building saved from the Wars which as now a new face. The interiror is sober and bright, thanks the glass frontage!

After have staied inside anormaly long for a church, we went on the Onion square (Place des Ognions) still searching a restaurant-café. We didn’t find any by leaving the center, we had to come back in direction of the main square.

Coffe in the Old Town

We find one! Finally and I ordered in French for 4 café au lait (thinking I could get Café Latte). Obviously too easy because we had something like an expresso with a touch of milk to had ourselves.

That shit cost 2,40 euros. I miss Vilnius with its 2 euros big cup of Cappuccino. At least we had a good service.

Discovering the Town Hall, the Gate of Paris and the English rain

The first time I visit Lille as was alone and I didn’t check the City Hall, incredible building with a huge tower. Knowing that it’s a major building of Lille our friend bring us there, not totaly in fact because we only went to the Gate of Paris, from where we can admire the tower.

On the way we could saw the Equestrian statue of Louis Leon Cesar Faidherbe and the Palace and Museum of Fine Arts. Two good monument and buildings. We didn’t stop to them too long because we were hungry and because the rain was looking at us suspicious.

The gate was made to celebrate and symbolize the integration of Lille to the French Kingdom of Louis XIV, instead of the Gate of the Sicks.

We stay maybe half an hour under the gate.. to protect ourselves from the rain which appeared suddently! It was really strong, but brief.

Stop in restaurant

Once the rain stopped, we went fastly to the center to search our restaurant. It was easy to find it in the Rue de Béthune.

It was the same restaurant we went the last time for moules-frites.

So, as the last time it was delicious, not really expensive, we have tried different meals. I have me ordered some flemish-name food, made from potatos/cheese/meet. It was really tasty.

Trying to reach the citadelle

Last mission on the day, go the Citadelle and walk around it. We almost did it. Walk in direction to the fortress was simple, find the river also, the two Wars Memorials and the road to the citadelle too.

But we didn’t walk around, the intensive rain of the week made the way dirty and we were not prepared to visit jungle.

Better stay in a pub

Before go to our hostel to rest for the next day of driving to Belgium, we search for a pub for beers in Lille.

My friend and me liked one pub, in one street. We couldn’t remember the street name and its location. It made us walk with two tired girls in old Lille. I never used the sentence « I’m sure it’s that street! » so often 😀

Actualy our street of pub is called the Royal Street and our pub .. I forgot.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

French settled in Estonia, I have spent my last years in the Baltic States. I love photography and travelling in Eastern and Central Europe, I write this blog to relate my experiences.
Guillaume Speurt

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