Cathedral and channels


The capital of the Somme department is a city I find really nice. Amiens is not really big but has charming channels and the largest Cathedral of France. I proposed girls to visit it on the way to Lille, and I know they liked it so much!

Drive and park the car

Woke up early morning on this Saturday, I don’t want to loose time for Lille because I know my friends will like to stay for long in Amiens. If I think Amiens I also think that Lille is much more interesting for them.

We left Cramoisy at 9am and drove for an hour to the city. I will see, I am going longer and longer everyday, but today I should enjoy because I have the company of two nice girls I didn’t see since a long time.

We came in Amiens arround 10am, the sky was okay and the temperature warm. I park in an underground car park for 4 hours and it cost me only 1,80 euros. It means I cloud leave my car 4 hours in a protected place for the price of a metro ticket in Paris. Not bad.

Market on Halles

We left the car and take elevator to lead us to the Halles, commercial center behind the Town Hall. Outside the Saturday market was going with a lot of sellers for different « market stuffs » which I don’t like. But I felt a summer-like atmosphere. In July, finally.

Discovering the Old Town

From the market we walk to the pedestrian avenue of Amiens, we saw the Belfry and the Town Hall. Children were using the carrousel and a wedding was front the Town Hall.

By walking to the street of the 3 Cailloux (the 3 little stones) one of my friends find a small shop where to buy her new dress 😀

We could use shoppings of the street as place to rest from the rain, leaving them when clouds took breaks.

Sculptures de ville by Albert Hirsch

All around the city was metal framed sculpture. It looked like what I could design during my internship in Vilnius.

Exhibition consisted on 12 different shapes in the main street of the city: Gresset, Delambre, Dusevel, Noyon and 3 Cailloux.

We didn’t saw all.

The Largest Catherdral of France

Main argument I used to convince girls to come is that Amiens is proud to have the largest Cathedral of France. My region has also another jewel: the Cathedral of Beauvais, highest Cathedral of the world until 1573.

I am not a fan of the gothic style, sometime it’s nice, but I prefer the classic and roman style as used for the Cathedral of Vilnius!

We have entered in the Cathedral, my second time inside. The first time I didn’t visit all the interior, what a mistake. It is really big and awesome. Windows look good an decoration is sumptuous.

Beautiful channels

The second super thing to see is the channels and all the olds houses in the Saint Leu district. I repat myself but it’s a must see!

There is still my favorite place, so beauiful, so romantic, so « pitoresque ». The girls really enjoyed it and we made most of our photos over the channel and in front os the colored woodnen framed houses.

I heard later that it is possible to have a boat tour on the channels, could be a good idea for you if you think to visit Amiens, but not relevant for us according to the rain.

Nice park

One of is intrested by nature and biology and she wanted to see the Saint Pierre Park.

Located just behind the Saint Leu old district we went there, a bridge, a small forest, a lot of flowers and a lake with ducks and swans!

Time to leave the city, last walk to the Halles, passing by the Cathedral and we were in the car for 1h30  on the highway to Lille, capital of the French Flanders.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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