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With my sister we went driving the the Seine-et-Marne to visit a cute old city and few castles nearby. She has never actually traveled with me and I couldn’t know if she would enjoy this day trip or not, as the topic was to see old stones 🙂 From Cramoisy it took a little less than two hours.

Provins, a well preserved old town

Target of my trip, Provins is a charming medieval town a hour away from Paris by car. We got there easily and could park anywhere in the inner walls for free. It surprised me a lot and I thought that we could get a fine!

Castle and church in Provins

Castle and church in Provins

Knowing nothing, we began walking down a street that led us to the main square… the city seems to be compact! 😀 There are a lot of timber frame houses in Provins, it is like travelling in time. Unfortunately for me we were not alone. On this Thursday Provins was full of school children, I saw about ten groups… they were loud and running everywhere.

We climbs the stairs to get up the Ceasar’s tower, large tower in the centre of the city. The corridors were very narrow and if you are large you cannot pass and enjoy the panoramic view. People back then were smaller, definitively. Down the tower is the Saint Quiriace Collegiate church and surprisingly no tourist around except us.

We had lunch in Provins in a small restaurant near the main square and then began walking outside the walls to see the fortifications. Some tower can be climb but not visited. Those walls are in a very good condition and some part were being fixed.

Small castle in Blandy-les-Tours

Leaving the fortified town of Provins to go to the famous castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte we marked a stop on our way to look at Blandy, a village centred on a small hexagonal fortress from the XIII century, only ten minutes from our destination.

The entrance of the castle was close so we walked around the fortifications. This small village has also a church but not especially nice inside or outside.

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Statue and castle in Vaux le Vicomte

Statue and castle in Vaux le Vicomte

Closer to Paris is a interesting castle built under king Louis XIV. Along with the gallery of Chantilly as model for the construction of the so famous Versailles palace. What I like the most was not the building itself but more the park which is around and far from the city. You can feel resting a lot because there is no sound. In this beginning of June the sun was hot and we couldn’t see much people, though it was charming and very large park to explore.

Before leaving the park, we met with a photographer who wanted to take tourists in photos while they are in Parisian region. I said that since I live in Estonia, he can consider me as a foreigner in my homeland to make a picture of my sister and me. He did and send it to me later.

Guillaume Speurt

Guillaume Speurt

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Guillaume Speurt

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