Thank you for visiting my blog! I don’t know how you arrived here, probably after getting lost on the internet? 🙂 So let me tell you who I am.

I am a young traveller who has started exploring his continent in the first months of 2011 and who never stopped since! I rapidly liked it and it is now my main hobby.

Everything has started when I decided to move to Estonia for my Erasmus semester. I have never travelled before! Unbelievable? Perhaps but it is true. Thanks to the Erasmus life I have met many students from all the Europe – even farther – who helped me to discover their countries and learn about their cultures. They changed my relation with the English language, I am thankful to them for it!

During this time spent in Estonia I have visited several countries and cities I would have never suspected to see such as Helsinki, Riga, Stockholm, Kiev … and I even walked around the Article Circle! It was a wonderful and unique experience which had to end, unfortunately.

Once back in France I continued to do my new hobby: seeing Linz, Vienna, Brussels. Moreover, I never stopped dreaming to go abroad again, and while I was in holidays I searched for an internship abroad. I founded it in Vilnius, Lithuania. Many reasons for me to go particularly there. It was a period with less travels but more intense. This internship also had to end…

Today after a semester in France during when I’ve worked and tried to know all Paris, I am back in Estonia for a longer period in Tallinn and I hope I could see many new charming places, even if I know that I won’t travel more often. Trust me, when I am thinking about it, it is crazy to see how bad my English was and now how much I want to live in a non french speaking country!

The main reason why I have opened the present blog is to share my view, to tell what I know and what I think on the cities I visited.

I hope you will like this blog and my choice of destinations, don’t hesitate to give me your impressions.

PS: I recently changed my host from Blogger to WordPress, that explains why you could find so many 404 errors, I try to fix it, sorry 🙂