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One of my French friend from Erasmus was doing a long trip around the northern Europe and stopped in Tallinn. She was lucky to see the Spring sun and me to see her!

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First day and smiling Estonian

Meeting at University

It has been two years that Elodie hasn’t been in Tallinn and about one year that we didn’t met. The last time was in Warsaw for short when I drove from Vilnius to Paris. She was the among the few French I was chilling with and with who I still have contact. Working in France she has planed a long trip in Europe between two contracts and it included Tallinn, our common city. She had three days in the capital but we met just for the two last days, I was in Vilnius Monday. I was really exited to see her, friend who took part to some of my most awesome trip: South Estonia, Lapland, Road Trip Around Estonia…

If I skipped all classes I had in the afternoon to spend time with her, I was in University the morning for some important workshop. She went also there to visit it and to later use my laundry 🙂 We had lunch and did shopping during the laundry.

City tour like… tourists!

We used the mythic Trolley number 3 to Vabaduse Valjak, trying to remember all the stations in the order. Not a easy task! I didn’t go to the centre for a time and I have been shock so many people on the square, sitting on benches, enjoying the sun and smiling! Last week they seemed so depressed… The public screen panel shown a temperature of 1°C but it seemed to be more for me.

Tallinn medival city

Tallinn medival city

We visit first Toompea hill, made photos of the city and asked to be shoot too. I can say that Asian remain the best photographers, a mix of artists and acrobats! On the way back to the lower town we took the Danish garden passage, behind her hostel, where I saw a (maybe) new monument.

Rotterman instead of Radisson landscape

It was a beautiful day and the sunset were coming. I suggested to watch it from the Radisson tower, on its last floor is a Lounge 24 bar and terrace. We had there one memorable photo with us wearing homeless blankets 😀 Unluckily the bar was closed between 17:00 and 19:00… Instead of having that so nice view point we walked to Rotterman. I was surprised when she told me that she never been there due to how famous it is, but when I said « the place were there is a Kalev shop » she instantly remembered it! Kalev is the most known Estonian chocolate brand. The yellow light of the sun was doing great things on the orange building walls!

Legendary pancakes!

Before her coming we talked several times about what to do, and the Pancakes House was our main common choice! Goûter time and sweet pancake in Kompressor, little thing for you but such a thing for me, those pancake can defined the joy!

Hidden messages in Kompressor

Hidden messages in Kompressor

Party in the dormitory

I proposed her to live for a night one more Erasmus party and organised in my flat a meeting with most of my awesome Erasmus friends. She enjoyed it a lot, everybody else too. Night with good people, remembering souvenirs and having fun!

Late afternoon simple tour

Sunset at Radisson Blu Hotel

Another day and another morning spent in University, without working phone (remind me my problems last winter…), I asked a friend to borrow his phone to contact Elodie to agree of a meeting time. While I was going to a shopping center to talk with my phone provider she called me and said that she already was there doing shopping. Perfect time and location for us.

Posing at the Radisson terrace

Posing at the Radisson terrace

None of us had lunch and we went to Hell Hunt, for me the best restaurant in Tallinn (but no Pancakes), a place my friend never been! We stayed a long time inside the restaurant and when we arrived to the Bastion Passages tickets office we were said that the last tour left two minutes before. I will never see those tunnels! Sunset approaching we decided to try once again the Radisson hotel, that day nothing was close and we could sit at a table to drink hot chocolate while the night fall on Tallinn.

Linnahall and last time together

After that we moved to the soviet construction situated by the sea, I love this giant soviet mark (or scarf) but I am probably one of the few people who don’t consider the building is ugly. The view on Tallinn also very good even if we are not in altitude like in the Radisson.

Tallinn skyline at night

Tallinn skyline at night

One the way back to the city I wanted to stop in Rimi shop to buy some food because since Vilnius my fridge was empty. She helped me to buy the necessary for making my own pancake in a French way. We jumped to her hostel take her luggages and sit in an Irish pub on the Town Hall square to eat snacks before she had to take the bus to Vilnius. I joined her to the coach station to say goodbye, despite I was really tired of the past week. We agreed on a future meeting somewhere between Estonia, Poland and France. I hope it will happen very soon!

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